SFO On-Airport Cargo Warehouse Staffed Cargo Counter 24x7 Cargo Operations 16 Truck Loading Docks 55,000 sq.ft. Warehouse Ample Warehouse Staging Area for Customs Three story ULD roller rack system with capacity for 120 Units Three Story ETV Lift Forklift Storage Racks Refrigerated Storage Humidity Controlled Storage Secure Storage Area and 20' Scale Folklifts have Strap Capability Added Folklift with Special Clamp System ULD roller system along rampside of Warehouse Automated roller system takes only one Employee to tranfer ULD from loader to rollers Four ETV pass throughs used to take ULD directly into warehouse Four Lowerable ULD Workstations ULD Workstation raised to roller height ULD Workstation (pit) lowered to breakdown ULD Pass through system available to load ULDs directly into waiting Trucks when required Three ULD pass through loading docks Rampside at SFO On-Airport Warehouse

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