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TAS Wins Coveted Award From Lufthansa

Berlin, Germany – March 19th, 2016 – At an awards dinner in Berlin last night, Total Airport Services (TAS) won the top award from Lufthansa for Outstanding Performance for 2015. The dinner, which was attended by Mr. Jack Evans, TAS CEO, and Mr. Gerald Kolasch, TAS Chief Commercial Officer, was also attended by industry experts from around the world.

Lufthansa has 199 service companies they work with around the world, the top 19 of which were invited to attend this award event. They recognized the top performers from different categories by region; the award for Outstanding Performance however is the top prize.

TAS provides services for Lufthansa in Newark, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia, San Francisco, California; and Los Angeles, California. In his award acceptance speech, Mr. Evans recognized the TAS team members at each of these locations as the winners of the award.

“We have amazing team members at each of the locations that have taken our core value of Quality Customer Service to heart,” said Mr. Evans. “This award really goes to them and the outstanding job they do day in and day out.”

This is the second time Lufthansa has recognized TAS as a top performer. In 2013 Lufthansa selected TAS for its Service Excellence Award as the best company in North America.

TAS Adds International Passenger Services In ORD

Chicago, IL – March 18th, 2016 – Total Airport Services (TAS), a leading North American aviation service provider started ground handling Icelandic Air and China Eastern Airlines passenger aircraft this week in ORD. Icelandic Air began flying into Chicago on March 15th and China Eastern began their operations on March 18th.

“We are extremely happy to have won these contracts and handle these carriers on their inaugural flights,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “Our team in Chicago does an amazing job and TAS selection is a tribute to them. They make TAS the best service provider on the field.”

Icelandic Air’s Boeing 757 aircraft arrived amongst rain and high winds, but nothing could dampen the spirits of those attending the opening ceremonies. On the maiden flight was the Ambassador of Iceland, the Iceland Consul General, and the CEO of Icelandic Air. Everything went off perfectly.

China Eastern’s Boeing 777 arrived March 18th, with much better weather. Again as the inaugural flight into Chicago, China’s Consul General was onboard. And once again everything was handled perfectly thanks Mr. Daniel Kogut, TAS Station Manager, and Mr. Radek Wachowski, TAS Operations Manager responsible for the the project.

“TAS has a very experienced team handling our passenger aircraft,” said Mr. Kogut. “We have been handling passenger aircraft here since 2009 and Piotr Kwintal does an amazing job.”

TAS Wins New Contract with China Eastern Airlines

Chicago, IL — January 28, 2016 – Total Airport Services, LLC, or TAS, a leading North American aviation service provider, recently signed a contractual agreement with China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd. for services at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). Effective in March 2016, TAS will oversee China Eastern’s passenger-flight ground-handling needs at the international terminal, Terminal 5 (T5).

“These are exciting times,” stated Daniel Malinowski, TAS Vice President of Business Development, who spearheaded the project. “Not only is this the beginning of a new relationship with a renowned Asian passenger airline, but it will also strengthen our position on T5.”

While the agreement marks the carrier’s entry into the Chicago market, the addition of China Eastern to the TAS portfolio is only the latest in a series of new contracts for the company at Chicago O’Hare.

“Over the past six months, the TAS team has attracted three international passenger carriers — Air France, KLM and, now, China Eastern,” explained Gerald Kolasch, TAS Chief Commercial Officer. “This goes in line with our strategic vision to expand into passenger ground-handling and passenger services at major airports throughout the United States.”

China Eastern Airlines is China’s second-largest carrier by passengers, serving more than 80 million travelers annually in 2014. The airline operates a fleet of 430 long- and short-haul aircraft with an average age of less than seven years. China Eastern, along with its subsidiary, Shanghai Airlines, is an official member of the SkyTeam alliance.

TAS Commences Partnership with CCR S.A.

Phoenix, AZ — November 13, 2015 – Total Airport Services, LLC, or TAS, a leading North American aviation service provider, today completed the sale of 70 percent of its ownership to an affiliate of CCR S.A., one of the largest infrastructure concession companies in the world. The acquisition marks CCR’s first foray into the U.S. market.

According to Jack Evans, TAS CEO, “We’ve grown rapidly in the last decade, and partnering with CCR will give us the opportunity to accelerate this growth not only within the aviation services industry, but also in related fields.”

As part of the agreement, Evans will retain 30 percent ownership in TAS and stay its CEO. Former co-owner Denny Eichenbaum will maintain a critical position within the TAS organization as a business development resource. The company will remain headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

Brazilian company CCR S.A. holds interests in a wide array of transportation-related systems, including ownership and management of a number of airports throughout Latin America, either directly or through affiliates. Its long-term portfolio diversification strategy includes expanding its reach into the airport sector; outside of Brazil, the company already holds interests in international airports within Ecuador, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

TAS Management Changes

Phoenix, Arizona – August 2015, The Total Airport Services (TAS), Inc. corporate team in Phoenix is pleased to announce some changes to management as it continues to grow and increase its footprint.

Mr. Michael Reno has been named Chief Operations Officer and will be heading up the operations team at headquarters in Phoenix. Based on the company’s short- and long-term goals, Reno and his team will seek to improve and standardize operations at all TAS locations across the country. Reno has over 15 years of industry experience, along with extensive operations and project management experience.

Further, Mr. Thomas Henry has been named Director of Operations and has relocated to headquarters in Phoenix. Henry previously served as General Manager at SFO and brings over 25 years of industry experience to his new role. Henry has been at TAS since 2013 and thus knows the business well.

In addition, Mr. Jay Tweeddale has been appointed as Regional Director – East Coast. Tweeddale has over 25 years of industry experience, and has been with TAS since it started operating in 2004; in fact, he worked with several of TAS’s founding members prior to that. Tweeddale previously served as General Manager at BDL, and restructured the operations at EWR.

TAS CEO Jack Evans is pleased to welcome all three individuals to their new roles. The three gentlemen bring invaluable experience to their roles and therefore immense insight that can benefits their teams. Per Evans, “These three gentlemen face some serious challenges in 2015 as we look to broaden our reach. I’m confident that they are uniquely positioned to help propel us forward as we undertake some exciting new opportunities. Please join me in congratulating them in their new scopes of duty.”

TAS Supports United We Care
Phoenix, Arizona – August 2015, Total Airport Services (TAS) is pleased to announce that it is now a proud financial supporter of United We Care. The charity was established by United Airlines to support its Team Members when unexpected serious events occur. Part of the fund’s mission: to provide for the unexpected and tragic results and minimize their impact on the affected Team Members. Accidents, traumatic events and unexpected medical costs are just some of the events that the fund covers.

While the fund is regularly supported by weekly paycheck contributions from United Team Members, the charity receives support from many organizations in the aviation industry and in the Greater Chicago area, United Airlines’ home city.

As a business partner to United, TAS is proud to make a donation to this worthy cause. Good things do in fact happen when everyone works as a team, and TAS salutes United for working to care for all its Team Members.

TAS Relocates to The Valley of the Sun

Phoenix, Arizona – June 2015, The Total Airport Services (TAS) corporate team in Phoenix is pleased to announce that its move to Arizona is now complete.

The Simi Valley, California office officially closed on June 26, 2015. It had served as headquarters since the company was incorporated in November 2004.

Corporate personnel have been in the process of relocating for the past several months and that is now complete; with the closing of the California office, business can now really begin to heat up.

While the headquarters might have moved, CEO Jack Evans is quick to point out that little has changed except for the weather. “Our commitment to providing quality, personalized service at competitive prices is unwavering. Our reputation for excellent service and customer satisfaction continues to attract new business, as do our Core Values. Those will remain unchanged no matter where we set up shop.”

As 2015 continues to shape up to be a promising year for TAS, everyone across the company is excited about all the changes taking place.

TAS Reorganizes its Management Team

Phoenix, Arizona – June 2015, The Total Airport Services (TAS) corporate team in Phoenix is pleased to announce some changes to its management team.

Mr. Gerald Kolasch has been named Chief Commercial Officer, at TAS’ new head office in Phoenix, where he will be responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the organization. Kolasch has been with TAS since 2005, and has held the position of COO since 2011 and therefore is uniquely positioned to undertake the challenge of growing TAS’s current customer base, thus increasing revenue and shareholder value.

In addition, Mr. Richard Cardoza has been named Director of Operations and will be overseeing operational efficiency from headquarters. Cardoza will seek to improve and standardize all aspects of TAS’s operations across the country, thus ensuring better adherence to budgets and schedules. With extensive experience in ground handling, Cardoza has all the tools at his disposal to improve the management of company resources and equipment.

TAS CEO Jack Evans is pleased to welcome Kolasch to his role and Cardoza to the company. Both gentlemen bring years of experience and excellent dedication to their new roles. Per Evans, “Both of these gentleman have been tasked with serious roles for 2015 as we undertake some exciting new opportunities. I am confident that they both are up to the task. Please join me in congratulating them in their new scopes of duty.”

TAS Wins New Contract with Air China Cargo Airlines

Chicago, Illinois – April 2015, The Total Airport Services (TAS) team in Chicago won a new contract with Air China Cargo airlines this month. Air China Cargo came to TAS with very short notice to start handling three flights a week to Frankfurt Germany starting April 11, 2015. The TAS team in Chicago not only accepted the challenge, they excelled beyond expectations.

Mr. Ray Lo, Vice President of Air China said “Thank you for such a quick and smooth transition. We hope to do more business with Total Airport Services in the future.” Starting on June 20, 2015 TAS will handle all of Air China Cargo’s seven flights into and out of Chicago. They fly to both Frankfurt and Shanghai from Chicago using the Boeing 777 aircraft.

TAS Vice President Daniel Malinowski welcomes the new business and commends his staff for taking on the challenge of handling Air China on a short notice basis on top of all the other cargo ground handling contracts they already have. TAS has been operating in Chicago since June 2007 and besides cargo ground handling does cargo warehousing and full ground services which consist of ramp handling, passenger handling, and fueling.

TAS Chicago Exceeding Expectations Despite Severe Weather

Chicago, Illinois – February 20th, 2015, Spirit Airlines recognized TAS Chicago for its impressive performance in its first thirty days of providing passenger service agents at ORD. Spirit noted 100% on-time departures, further commending TAS for meeting the increased physical demands of operating in Chicago.

Other TAS Chicago customers recognized that none of the delays they faced in Chicago were due to TAS operations, but were in fact, due to the sever weather conditions at ORD.

“Chicago has presented some unique challenges this winter,” said Mr. Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “Temperatures have plummeted to -35 with wind-chill, stretching the limits of what the human body can withstand. Management is working overtime to keep morale high, safety met and customer satisfaction exceeded. Our ORD crew continues to make us proud.”

TAS has been operating in Chicago since June 2007. Up until January, TAS had been only doing the ground handling for Spirit Airlines. With the change last month, TAS now provides the total package for Spirit Airlines in Chicago.

TAS Takes Passenger Service Agent Duties for Spirit Airlines in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois – On January 7th, TAS announced that it will be taking over the Passenger Service Agent duties for Spirit Airlines in Chicago. This is a new venture for Spirit Airlines, as the employees were previously part of Spirit. It’s also unique because the contract was worked as a direct partnership between the two companies.

Ms. Agata Najbar, TAS Station Manager in Chicago, said, “This is a very exciting time for TAS in Chicago. We will be adding about 60 people to our rolls just to cover this business.” She added, “We welcome the people and the new business to the TAS portfolio of service offerings.”

Spirit currently flies approximately 20 aircraft per day in and out of ORD, but the plan is to increase the offering within the next quarter. That will make ORD one of Spirit Airline’s largest hubs. The handover from Spirit Airlines to TAS is scheduled to take place on January 29th. TAS has been handling doing the ground handling for Spirit since November 2009.

TAS Wins New Contract with American Airlines

Newark, New Jersey – Total Airport Services (TAS) has been awarded the American Airlines contract at Newark-Liberty International Airport. This is the first new contract TAS has won under the new combined arrangement in the facility formerly occupied by Worldwide Flight Service (WFS).

The new contract will add about four million kilos of cargo and mail to TAS operations in Newark. American Airlines operates about 390 flights per month into Newark so this will be a big boost to TAS warehouse operations. American Airlines recently merged with US Airways so the carriers are now looking for a single service provider to handle both carriers at individual airports.

In April, TAS took control of the lease of the facility that WFS formerly operated. Then in May, TAS brought on board the WFS employees. Finally, in June TAS moved all of it’s operations into the former WFS facility completing the transition to all TAS management. The staff there has already expanded by 29% from what was originally envisioned as the operations continue to grow and expand.

Mr. Harry Hoge described why TAS was selected, “The award of the new American Airlines cargo business to TAS was greatly influenced by the outstanding service TAS has provided to US Airways at BDL and EWR for the past several years. Once again our reputation for superior service and customer satisfaction has led to the success of the business development team and continued growth for Total Airport Services.” said Hoge. Operations are set to begin September 8th.

TAS Opening Operations in ATL on August 1st

Atlanta, Georgia – Friday it was announced that Total Airport Services (TAS) will begin operations for Lufthansa in Atlanta, Georgia on August 1st. TAS will begin performing ground handling for Lufthansa handling the Boeing 777 and MD-11 aircraft. “This is a tremendous victory for TAS,” said Mr. Denny Eichenbaum, Senior Vice President for Business Development. “It opens the door for TAS to offer many more services at the busiest airport in the world,” said Eichenbaum.

TAS will begin handling four cargo aircraft per week when operations begin in August. This is also the fourth airport in which TAS will provide services to Lufthansa, the other three being Newark, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Part of the reason TAS was selected was because of the excellent reputation and exemplary service Lufthansa receives at all three of those locations. This is also in line with TAS strategy of doing an excellent job for a carrier at one location in order to pick up business at other locations.

So congratulations to the TAS team members working the Lufthansa operations at EWR, SFO, and LAX because without that we would never have been given the chance in Atlanta. Congratulations also to the business development team for securing this contract including Mr. Gerald Kolasch, TAS Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Harry Hoge, TAS Vice President for Business Development. Atlanta is expected to grow quickly and be one to TAS largest operating locations in the near future.

TAS Announces New Business at LAX and ORD

Simi Valley, CA – It’s been a busy two days for the Business Development team. On Wednesday we were notified that Etihad had awarded Total Airport Services (TAS) it’s business in Los Angeles (LAX). Then today, Yangtze River Express announced that TAS would be its ground handler at O’Hare International Airport (ORD). “Good things come in threes,” said Mr. Denny Eichenbaum, Senior Vice President for Business Development. “We expect to be able to make a further announcement about new business in San Francisco very soon,” continued Eichenbaum.

Etihad Airways is one of the fastest, new air carriers to enter the U.S. market. Based out of Abu Dhabi, Etihad will begin by flying their Boeing 777 Extended Range passenger aircraft into LAX daily or seven times per week. They also add the possibility of adding ad hoc freighters and have plans to ramp up to a twice daily passenger flights next year. TAS expects to handle over eight million kilos annually and add eight full time personnel to its LAX staff to handle the workload. The cargo will be handled out TAS Nippon Cargo Airways facility and will start June 1st.

Yangtze River Express is also a new entrant into the U.S. market and this is its first venture into ORD. They will begin by flying three 747 freighters into Chicago on a weekly basis from Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China. Mr. Daniel Malinowski, TAS Vice President, was hugely responsible for TAS being selected as the winning bidder. “Yangtze was really looking for a partner that could guide them as they started flying to the U.S.,” said Mr. Malinowski, “and we helped them every step of the way in true Quality Customer Service fashion.” Adding, “The really nice thing about Yangtze is that they are a day time carrier and match up nicely with all of our night time operations as we have ramps and equipment available for them “ said Malinowski. Yangtze will allow TAS to move 11 people from a part-time role to full time employees with the schedule they are flying.

So please help me congratulate all of the Business Development Team and the GMs at LAX and ORD for these significant pieces of new business. And congratulations to all of the staff at those two locations for truly demonstrating how professional TAS operates when the carriers came around to view the operations. In each case, the carriers agreed that it was the best operations they had seen.

TAS to Lease New Air Cargo Handling Facilities at ORD

Chicago, IL May 1, 2014 – Aeroterm, the leading investor, developer and manager of airport industrial property in North America, announced today an agreement has been reached with Total Airport Services (TAS) to lease 208,000 square feet of new air cargo handling facilities at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) within the first phase of development of the Northeast Cargo Center. In addition to cargo warehouse and office facilities, TAS will lease three B747-8F ramp positions. This first phase of development includes construction of a 440,000 square feet building with cargo and office space and 700,000 square feet of adjacent aircraft ramp.

“Aeroterm is pleased to announce this major commitment by TAS to the first phase of this development and to Chicago O’Hare International Airport,” stated Michael Minear, Executive Vice President for Aeroterm. “TAS will be able to serve its airline and airport clients far more efficiently and effectively in this state of the art cargo facility.”

The Northeast Cargo Center at ORD is a modern air cargo handling facility development, which will be constructed in three phases totaling 820,000 square feet when completed. Aeroterm previously reached an agreement with the City of Chicago to develop these facilities as well as construct new aircraft parking ramp capable of accommodating new generation aircraft including the Boeing 747-8 series aircraft. All aspects of the development will incorporate sustainable planning, design and construction practices under the guidelines of the CDA Sustainable Airport Manual, including green roof space.

The $200 million project is expected to support approximately 1,200 construction jobs, 1,200 permanent on-site cargo jobs and 10,000 regional jobs related to this development.

“Total Airport Services is really excited to be a part of this project,” stated Jack Evans, Chief Executive Officer for Total Airport Services. “We believe it will do great things for the City, for the airport, and aviation in general and will allow us to provide the kind of quality customer service that we have built our reputation on.”

TAS becomes Warehouse Service Provider for Cathay Pacific at EWR

Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, New Jersey – Today, December 23, 2013, Cathay Pacific announced that TAS has been selected to be their warehouse service provider at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

“This adds a healthy boost to our operations in this highly competitive New York Region market,” said Mr. Greg Blackhall, TAS General Manager, EWR. “Cathay Pacific is a carrier with a long standing reputation for quality and TAS is a company that bases its business model on personalized, quality customer service. This shared emphasis on quality makes us perfect business partners," continued Blackhall.

EWR is the latest city in the TAS family to proudly provide services to Cathay Pacific. The B-777 Passenger service will commence on March 1st, 2014. Cargo volume is estimated at 3,000 tons annually and will require a 20% increase in manpower for EWR as Cathay Pacific adds another major gateway airport in the New York region.

Total Airport Services (TAS) Announces New Business

Simi Valley, California – TAS continues to add new contracts as yesterday it was formally announced that TAS picked up several new pieces of business.

In San Francisco, it was announced that Korean Air Cargo has selected TAS to be there warehouse service provider. “This is a contract we’ve been working on for several years,” said Mr. Denny Eichenbaum, TAS Vice President for Business Development, adding “Korean Airlines is one of those special carriers that really prides itself on quality, so it’s a real testament to San Francisco and to TAS to be awarded this contract.”

“This gives a big boost to our operations,” said Mr. Tom Henry, TAS General Manager in San Francisco. “We already handle Korean Airlines on the ramp, so now we have the complete package for them and this adds about 25 people to the staff,” continued Henry.

Korean Air Cargo moves over 1.5 million kilos through the warehouse each month, so TAS will be adding additional warehouse space to handle the volume. The new warehouse operations will begin January 1st, 2014.

In Chicago, Mr. Daniel Malinowski, Vice President of Business Development, was able to announce that TAS has added two new carriers to its growing list of customers. “We will now be handling Emirates aircraft as well as Southern Air Transport in Chicago,” said Malinowski. “Combined, that adds five freighters per week with possibly more to follow,” said Malinowski.

Even though the economy and the cargo market have been soft, the TAS Business Development efforts during this time are really starting to pay off. “Congratulations and thank you to the folks in Business Development and the entire TAS team for making this happen,” said Mr. Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “In the next 10 days, we’ve picked up an additional 22 charters in Chicago alone and we expect to be able to make another big announcement in the near future,” said Evans. Continuing, “It’s everyone pulling together and our Core Values, especially our commitment to quality results, that is really being noticed by the air carriers. So I would ask everyone to continue to pay attention to detail, keep it safe, and get it right during what promises to be a very busy holiday season and a promising 2014!”

TAS Receives Lufthansa's 2013 Customer Service Excellence Award

TAS U.S. Operations – June, 2013, Lufthansa Cargo recently presented Total Airport Services (TAS) with the 2013 Customer Service Excellence Award during their 2nd annual supplier forum hosted at Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is Lufthansa’s corporate location for the Americas and the site of the annual forum.

“Lufthansa has been a strategically important customer for TAS ever since 2006,” said Mr. Harry Hoge, TAS Vice President of Business Development. Adding, “It was 2006 when we were first awarded Lufthansa’s contract for their operation in Newark, New Jersey.” Hoge and Mr. Gerald Kolasch, TAS Chief Operating Officer represented TAS at the forum.

“Since 2006, TAS has grown its portfolio with Lufthansa Cargo,” said Kolasch, “and we currently handle them in three major markets: Newark, New Jersey; Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.” Kolasch also explained that “TAS has a similar vision to Lufthansa and that makes Lufthansa an ideal business partner. We both believe in increasing productivity and profitability by working smarter, not harder. This shared vision led to a successful transformation of Lufthansa’s operation at LAX as part of their LEAN program.”

“We’re extremely proud to have been awarded the 2013 Customer Service Excellence Award,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “When you realize that we were competing against all of the major international ground handling companies to win this award,” continues Evans, “it really says something about the caliber of our people and the service we’re performing.”

Congratulations to everyone that supports Lufthansa throughout our three locations for this significant recognition!

TAS Wins New Contract in ORD

Chicago. Illinois – January 23rd, 2013 - Today, Cargolux announced that TAS has been selected to do the warehousing for Cargolux at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. This was a hard fought bid that required a total TAS effort, but special recognition goes to Gerald Kolasch, Harry Hoge, Daniel Malinowski, and Mario Navarro for winning this business. TAS already does the ground handling for Cargolux in ORD, meaning TAS will handle the total package for the carrier in Chicago.

TAS was not the low bidder, but the team was able to convince Cargolux that we are #1 on quality and that’s what they were looking for. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Mario Navarro and his team in Chicago with Cathay Pacific, Cargolux was able to clearly see the difference between TAS and the competition in building #514 there in Chicago.

With its hub in Luxembourg, Cargolux flies about 9 aircraft per week into ORD including the new 747-8 aircraft. TAS expects to handle about 38 million kilos of cargo annually for this freighter only carrier. As with TAS, Cargolux lists flexibility as one of the carrier’s strongest assets. TAS expects to start handling the carrier’s warehouse activities beginning in late March.

TAS Begins Handles First New Boeing 747-8F to Arrive in ORD

Chicago, Illinois – Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 – British Airways flight #3571 arrived at the gate at 9:45 pm and the crew immediately got to work unloading the aircraft. However, this was no ordinary Boeing 747. This was the first new Boeing 747-8F to arrive in Chicago and there were about 80 members of the media and distinguished guests to witness the aircraft’s arrival.

The -8 is longer, and wider, and carries 22% more cargo than the older 747-400. Mr. Piotr Kwintal was the Supervisor for the historic flight which was witnessed by airport officials and the TAS senior staff. Daniel Kogut, the TAS Station Trainer, said, “We have been preparing to handle the new 747-8F for over a year now.” Adding, “With the long wait and preparation, the operation was flawless, delivering a safe and successful 8F operation.” Special thanks goes to Piotr and his crew for the flawless performance.

British Airways is the first of a number of carriers that will be flying the 8F into Chicago. Cathay Pacific, Cargolux, Korean Airlines, and Nippon Cargo Airlines are all scheduled to get the new aircraft in the near future.

Besides being bigger, the -8 is made out of composites and that makes it much more problematic for any kind of aircraft accident or incident. To enhance safety, TAS has developed a new training program that all crew members must go through before working on the aircraft. “All of the training and preparation certainly paid off and British Airways was extremely pleased,” said Mr. Gary Cook, TAS General Manager.

TAS Prepares to Handle the First 747-8 in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois – Friday, September 23rd, 2011 - TAS began preparations this week to handle its first 747-8 aircraft. The 747-8 is Boeing’s newest aircraft and TAS handles five of the carriers that will be getting the new freighter.

The new aircraft is unique because it’s longer, wider, and holds 21% more cargo than the Boeing 747-400.Plus the aircraft is made out of composites and is more fuel efficient than earlier versions of the aircraft. “The ground crew needs to be more careful around the -8 because the trailing edge of the wing is closer to the cargo door,” said Jay Allbright, TAS Corporate Trainer, who spent the last week in Chicago to make the station is ready.

To prepare for the new aircraft, TAS developed a completely new training program designed around the unique features of the airplane. All team members that will work around the aircraft must go through the new training program and be -8 certified before getting near the airplane.

“Training consists of classroom and flightline training,” said Allbright. “The flightline training consisted of operating ground service equipment around a simulated aircraft and highlighted how careful operators need to be to avoid accidents because of the size of the aircraft,” continued Allbright. He and Daniel Kogut, TAS Trainer in Chicago, will also be attending a session at Boeing to make sure TAS is ready. “New training, new checklists, new procedures, we’re doing all of this to make sure every certified TAS team member realizes how unique the -8 is and how careful they have to be around the plane,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO.

TAS Wins Contract with Copa Airlines at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport, California – Tuesday, September 19th, 2011 – Copa Airlines announced today that TAS was selected to do their cargo warehousing in Los Angeles, California. The airline was started in 1947 in a cooperative effort between Panamanian investors and the former Pan American World Airways with a fleet of three Douglas C-47 aircraft. Today, Copa Airlines is headquartered at Tocumen International Airport, Panama and operates a fleet of 55 Boeing 737 and Embraer 190 aircraft.

While it initially served three locations in Panama, today Copa Airlines operates 180 flights per day to 58 destinations in 28 countries. At LAX, they operate two Boeing 737-800 flights per day that TAS will be supporting. Mr. Tim Harvey, TAS General Manager said, “Copa had a lot of choices at LAX for cargo handling services and they chose TAS because of our strong emphasis on quality service.” While this will be TAS first contract with Copa Airlines, Harvey added, “We look forward to building and expanding our relationship in to other cities and business lines.” TAS will begin operations for Copa Airlines October 14th.

TAS ORD Excels at Fueling

O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois – Tuesday, September 13, 2011 – In July TAS, began into-plane fueling in Chicago. Because of the critical nature of into-plane fueling, TAS went through a very stringent vetting process to demonstrate its capability. Thanks to the training and program set up by TAS Director of Fueling, Mr. George Williams, TAS came through with flying colors.

Now with two months experience under their belts, the fueling team in ORD went through another extensive inspection by the Chicago Fire Inspector’s Office. Once again, the TAS team did an amazing job.

Lt. Cristino Colon from the Fire Inspector’s Office conducted a very thorough, two-day inspection that delved into every aspect of the operation. According to Mr. Gary Cook, TAS General Manager, Lt. Colon cited the TAS team for exceptional record keeping, great looking ramp organization and cleanliness. Cook also went to say, ”The operations staff fueling the flights during the audit performed extremely well.” Adding, “TAS was identified as the best fueling operation in Chicago during the CFR certification.”

We want to thank the entire TAS team in ORD for their dedication and many hours of planning and preparation for excelling as such a critical task. We especially want to thank the following people for TAS great success:

Marcin Maka
Luis Nieves
Steve Garcia
Stanley Garcia
Donald Garcia
Benny Perez
Matthew Nardo
Andre Easton, and
Abdelouahed Ezzairi.

A special congratulations and thank you to all!

TAS Professionalism Makes the Difference for Virgin Atlantic in SFO

San Francisco, California – Friday, September 9th, 2011 – Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) announced that TAS was awarded the cargo handling contract for VAA in San Francisco. Operations will begin October 26th and it’s the second major contract TAS has been awarded since Mr. Jeff Horigan took over as TAS new General Manager in SFO.

In selecting TAS, Mr. Harry Hoge, TAS VP, said the Virgin Atlantic representatives said that the thing that impressed them the most was the atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism. According to Hoge, “They described it as not unlike the experience you often have at a well-run 4-star hotel.”

Mr. Dominic Hovell, VAA Procurement Manager, headed the team from Virgin Atlantic to inspect TAS. In his words, TAS depth displayed in our training and risk management programs were head and shoulders above our competition.”

“Congratulations to Jeff and the entire team in San Francisco,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “San Francisco was our first operating location and it’s good to see the team recognized for the outstanding job they do there,” said Evans.

Mr. Gary Cook new General Manager for TAS at ORD

Chicago, Illinois – It is with great pleasure that Total Airport Services (TAS) announces the selection of Mr. Gary Cook as the new General Manager for TAS at O’Hare International Airport (ORD). Gary joins TAS from Northwest Airlines in Detroit where he was the General Manager for Northwest/Delta Airline’s Cargo Division.

Gary has many years of experience in ramp operations having begun his career with Northwest Airlines in 1989 working on the ramp. From there, he worked his way up in the Airline’s system having been a Customer Service Manager and a Manager before becoming the General Manager in 2006.

“It is a true privilege to lead the great team we have in ORD,” said Mr. Cook. Adding, “The timing is ideal as we work to grow the company and drive operational excellence through improved leadership development, implementation of a new staffing/scheduling model and working with the frontline teams to develop new process that will allow TAS to lead the industry with our performance and customer service.”

Gary attended Eastern Michigan University and was part of the design team for the new midfield Detroit Terminal. He was tasked with providing input and overseeing all aspects of the layout of the new facility from an employee’s viewpoint. The terminal, which came on board in February 2002, was the first U.S. airport facility to open after 9/11 and had to be re-examined for security after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

TAS Begins Operations on the International Terminal in ORD

Chicago, Illinois – Thursday, June 30th, 2011 – It was late at night on June 30th, when TAS Supervisor Reggie Flowers started assuming control of AeroMexico’s operations at O’Hare International Airport. At midnight, everything changed over and TAS began handling passenger aircraft on the International Terminal.

“People were trained. The equipment was ready. Operations really began three hours prior in the bagroom,” said Mr. Flowers. Adding, “The first launch was at 1 am and we wanted to make sure everything went smoothly.” Six days later, everything is still going smoothly and they haven’t had a single delay.

While TAS has been handling passenger aircraft at O’Hare since 2008, this is our first venture onto the International Terminal. “This and the into-plane fueling we just started in Chicago are opening vast new opportunities for us,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “Being there and watching the first few flights, the thing that made this so impressive was the skill and efficiency that Reggie and his team demonstrated right from the beginning,” continued Evans. Quickly adding, “that often the first few flights are rough as you work out unforeseen problems. But not this time!”

AeroMexico also noticed the difference and immediately began praising Reggie and his team. The AeroMexico flights are spread out throughout the day and week so the TAS team will be busy. Right now AeroMexico is flying about 36 flights per week, but hopes to see that number increase by year’s end.

TAS Begins Into-plane Fueling in ORD

Chicago, Illinois – Friday, July 1st, 2011 – After weeks of preparation and a lot of inspections and audits, TAS began fueling aircraft for Spirit Airlines in Chicago. “There were no delays and it was a flawless startup,” said George Williams, TAS Director of Fueling. “Spirit was especially pleased with the quality of the training, documentation, and equipment we provided,” said Williams.

Previously, TAS had been handling passenger and cargo aircraft in Chicago, but this is our first venture into into-plane fueling there. Spirit flies 9 to 10 aircraft per day in and out of O’Hare International Airport and has plans to increase that to as many 22 flights per day by the end of the year.

TAS worked with Bosserman Aviation and purchased new hydrant carts and fuel trucks to support the operation. “The equipment is great and everything is working fine,” said Duane Christensen, TAS Chief of Maintenance for ORD. “Having the equipment tested and shipped in directly from the manufacturer certainly makes our maintenance job a lot easier,” continues Christensen.

TAS was able to cross-train existing personnel to meet the fueling requirements and then back fill the ramp handling operation with new people. Gary Cook, TAS Station Manager explains “We pay our fuelers more money because they really work independently. And with fueling being so critical, there really is no tolerance for error. We expect this will be the first of several new fueling contracts we will be able to start this year.”

TAS Begins Handling Lufthansa Cargo in SFO

San Francisco, California – Sunday, June 26th, 2011 – It was a beautiful San Francisco Sunday morning with a lot of activity in the TAS Warehouse as Lufthansa (LH) began using TAS to handle its cargo. “Everything came off extremely well, “ said Jeff Horigan, TAS new General Manager. “The staff had done a fantastic job of planning out the transition and making sure everything went smoothly, “ continued Horigan.

One month ago, Lufthansa had announced that they were switching to TAS’ new facility. “The transition date was set for June 26th and everything had to come together in a hurry,” said Gerald Kolasch, TAS Chief Operating Officer. “We understand the Lufthansa requirements extremely well,” said Kolasch adding, “TAS now provides various services to Lufthansa in Newark, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; and San Francisco, California.”

The new business in TAS warehouse facility means that TAS has added over 20 people to its staff and increased the amount of tonnage going through the warehouse. Lufthansa flies passenger aircraft in and out of SFO and they will move an additional ten million kilos of cargo through the TAS facility on an annual basis.

Jeff Horigan Assumes General Manager position in SFO

San Francisco, California – It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that Mr. Jeff Horigan is the new General Manager for SFO. Jeff comes to TAS from Delta Airlines and previously Northwest Airlines where for the last five years he served as the Operations Manager at the carrier’s facility in Los Angeles, California. Jeff has over 25 years experience in leadership positions in the logistics career field having also spent time with American Airlines earlier in his career.

Jeff is a veteran who spent time with the U.S. Marine Corps in Desert Storm. He lead over 100 people in combat operations in Iraq and retired as a Marine Corps Colonel. After serving in the desert, he once again returned to work for the airlines. He has a Master’s Degree from Troy State and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Whittier College.

Jeff’s primary task as he assumes his new duties will be to transition the new Lufthansa business into TAS’ facility in SFO. The new contract, which starts June 26th, adds an additional 22 people to the staff in SFO and approximately 10 million kilos of cargo through our facility annually. Please join me in welcoming Jeff to the team. He will be a tremendous asset as we continue to grow and expand that location.

TAS Chicago “#1 in the World” for Korean Airlines for 2010

Chicago, Illinois – May 24th, 2011, Korean Airlines (KE) announced that TAS Chicago was “#1 in the World” for safety and service for 2010. Every year Korean Airlines recognizes its top service provider based on safety and service. Included are all the locations where Korean Airlines operates.

“Chicago had a tremendous record for 2010,” said Mr. Gerald Kolasch, TAS Chief Operating Office. “Korean Airlines Cargo had 486 flights and only had 4 delays for the entire year with 3 of those being weather related. That’s a 99.2% on-time takeoff rate without a single accident or incident.”

TAS has been ground handling Korean Airlines in Chicago since June 2007. This is the second time TAS Chicago was the recipient of Korean Airline’s award. In between, TAS was also recognized for its commitment to excellence.

TAS Wins the “Trifecta”  

Simi Valley, California – May 18th, 2011, TAS won the “trifecta” this week picking up three contracts within a two day span.

First, after a long and hard fought RFP process, Lufthansa (LH) announced that they will be using TAS for warehousing in San Francisco (SFO). The transition date is June 26th and it means that annually an additional ten million kilos will move through the TAS warehouse. TAS assumed the lease of the facility in September 2010 and it is the largest, most modern facility on the airport. TAS now performs services and has contracts with Lufthansa in three cities, Newark, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The same day that Lufthansa announced its selection of TAS in SFO, Spirit Airlines announced its selection of TAS to provide into-plane fueling for its passenger aircraft in Chicago (ORD). While TAS has many years of into-plane fueling experience, this will be our first venture into the fueling business in ORD. TAS has been ground handling Spirit’s Airbus aircraft since November 2009. The TAS team was recently recognized for handling over 2000 aircraft without a single delay. The new service will begin July 1st.

The following day, Aero Mexico announced that it willalso switch to TAS for ramp handling in ORD starting July 1st. “This is significant because it’s TAS first venture onto the International Terminal in ORD,” said Mr. Daniel Malinowski, TAS Vice President. “This is one we fought very hard for because it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for TAS,” continued Malinowski. He was promoted into his new position in January of this year to work on projects just like this.

With three new startups occurring within a five day span, the summer is starting off with a lot of new activity. Congratulations to the entire team on these three quick victories. The thing highlighted by all of three customers in their selection of TAS was the Commitment to Quality Customer Service.

TAS Awarded Korean Air Ground Handling Contract in SFO

San Francisco, California – February 18, 2011 – Today, TAS learned that Korean Air Cargo has awarded its ground handling business to TAS starting April 11th of this year. Korean Air flies a freighter into San Francisco (SFO) on a daily basis and will soon be flying the new Boeing 747-8.

“This is a significant development for our San Francisco team,” said Mr. Denny Eichenbaum, Senior Vice President for TAS. “This means TAS is the predominant freighter aircraft handler in San Francisco as we already handle NCA and Cathay Pacific,” continued Eichenbaum.

“TAS has a very long relationship with Korean Air,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO, adding “We’ve been handling Korean Air aircraft in Chicago for over three years. We were even selected as Korean Air Service Provider for the Year, so we’re very excited about this award!”

This also means that the TAS staff in SFO will be growing as we add on a new team to handle the Korean Air flights. Because they’re getting the new Boeing 747-8 aircraft, all team members will require specialized training in order to handle the unique aspects of the new Boeing aircraft.

Mr. Daniel Malinowski promoted to Vice President – Business Development

It is with great pleasure that we're able to announce that Mr. Daniel Malinowski has been promoted to Vice President – Business Development for TAS.

Daniel joined TAS over three years ago and is hugely responsible for the tremendous growth the company has experienced at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. This growth saw TAS go from ground handling 18 –747 freighter aircraft per week to over 350 freighter aircraft and nearly 400 passenger aircraft per month. He also oversaw TAS' expansion into passenger services. In his new position, Daniel will be responsible for further expansion for TAS in Chicago in all areas. This includes further expansion of its ground handling operations for both freighter and passenger aircraft, passenger services, into-plane fueling, and warehousing.

TAS recently entered the Chicago warehousing market by securing the warehousing contract with Cathay Pacific. TAS, working with United Airlines, was able to secure over 40,000 sq. feet of on-airport warehouse space for Cathay Pacific along with one of the few 747-8 parking spots on the airport for the carrier. The new Boeing 747-8 is a larger version of Boeing's 747 freighter aircraft and is scheduled to enter service for Cathay Pacific later this year. With Daniel's many years of experience in ground handling and warehousing, he blends the perfect balance of operational expertise and business development acumen to continue TAS measured, but sustained growth at O'Hare International Airport.

Daniel has over 15 years of experience in managerial positions in Chicago with various handling companies. Under his leadership Chicago has received numerous awards from various carriers like Korean Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

ORD - Cathay Pacific awards TAS warehousing contract

Chicago, Illinois – January 11th, 2011 – TAS started the New Year off with a bang and the largest single contract we’ve ever taken over in January. Cathay Pacific awarded TAS its warehousing contract at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD). Now, TAS does all the ground handling, deicing, and warehousing for Cathay Pacific in Chicago as well as San Francisco. Cathay has been ranked as the largest cargo carrier in ORD, by tonnage, right after Fedex and UPS for the second month in a row.

“This was an extremely complex and difficult transition,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “But in a total team effort, TAS brought staff in from Hartford, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, not to mention many from the corporate office, to turn around a sagging operation,” added Evans. “Add to that the complexity of moving from off-airport to a new, on-airport warehouse location and there were a lot of issues that we had to clean-up and straighten out.”

TAS, working with United Airlines, is now able to offer on-airport warehousing services to its customer carriers. “It’s extremely convenient,” said Jim Arble, TAS new General Manager in ORD. “Freight arrives at the dock, is built up and taken right out the back door to the parking spot behind the building. It’s also the only 747-8 capable parking spot on the airport at this point.”

Cathay Pacific plans to move over 70,000 tons of cargo through the facility annually. And later this year, Cathay will be adding a daily passenger flight to Chicago from Hong Kong and that will add additional cargo for the facility. This is the second location where TAS performs all of the warehousing and ground handling for Cathay Pacific as we have been doing this in San Francisco for some time now.

ORD – Over $12 million in exotic cars loaded into one Cargo Aircraft

Loading exotic cars at ORD Chicago, Illinois – November 2010, Recently it was wall-to-wall automobiles in Chicago as TAS loaded a special charter bound for Amsterdam with 24 special vehicles. “It was an exotic car enthusiast’s dream,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO, “and our Cathay Pacific crew headed by Nelson Suarez did an outstanding job. They carefully loaded each one without a scratch although some had less than an inch of clearance with the aircraft sides and roof.”

The vehicles, which are eventually bound for Africa, had a value well over $12 million. The prize was a $2 million Maserati, but there were plenty of other exotic cars to choose from including a Rolls Royce that had once been used for the Queen of England, several Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Maybach’s, and Lamborghini’s. One of the more inexpensive cars of the lot was a $430,000 Mercedes-Benz.

“While the crew had a lot of supervision,” said Daniel Malinowski, Director of Ground Handling for Chicago, “most of it was really to ogle the cars and dream of what it would be like to drive some of these.” Malinowski added, “The precision the crew used in handling these is the same way we handle cargo on a daily basis.” Congratulations to Nelson and his crew for a successful operation.

TAS to Offer On-Airport Warehousing and 747-8 Parking at ORD

Chicago, Illinois – October 8th, 2010 – “We’re extremely pleased to announce that Total Airport Services has just concluded a deal with Cathay Pacific to offer on-airport warehousing at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport beginning in January,” announced Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “Moving on-airport with their warehousing is something they’ve wanted to do for a long time. Now we can not only provide them with on-airport warehousing, but we have a 747-8 capable parking spot right behind the facility. Both the on-airport warehousing and the 747-8 capable parking spot are hard to find in Chicago,” said Evans.

TAS has provided ground handling for Cathay Pacific in Chicago for over three years, and although TAS manages warehousing at numerous other airports, this will be TAS first venture into warehousing in Chicago. “What’s allowed this change is that we have recently concluded an agreement with United Airlines which allows us to take over part of United’s on-airport warehouse,” explains Denny Eichenbaum, TAS Senior Vice President of Business Development. “That means we will be able to park Cathay’s aircraft, including their new, bigger 747-8 aircraft, right behind the warehouse and perform the build and break of the cargo just inside the facility. It also means that Cathay Pacific will be able to offer a safer, faster and more efficient operation to their customers,” continued Eichenbaum.

“The thing that makes all of this work,” continued Evans, “is the outstanding job our team does in Chicago. We’ve been told we have the best crews on the field, and I think they’re right.” The TAS team in Chicago handles over 300 freighters per month and about as many passenger aircraft. Typical are the comments made by of the Regional Manager for British Airways, Barbara Wilson. “Your guys continue to do an exceptional job. Our punctuality numbers reflect your superior handling. We are at 100% year to date,” said Ms. Wilson.

TAS Begins Into-Plane Fueling at SFO

San Francisco, California – On Sept. 9, 2010, Total Airport Services (TAS) began Into-Plane fueling for Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). George Williams, TAS Director of Fueling, reports, ”The new Into-Plane operation at SFO has been another example of what TAS does really well. It was a completely seamless transition for the customer. And with the great staff we have in SFO, the addition of fueling to our ground handling and warehouse operations was a natural fit.”

NCA operates 6 * 747-400 aircraft a week in and out of SFO. It’s TAS job to upload the 35,000 gallons of fuel so the aircraft can make the return flight to Narita, Japan. TAS had to pass a very stringent inspection by the Japanese licensing authority and the carrier before being allowed to conduct fueling operations. Williams added, “Everything worked beautifully and the inspection was flawless. The TAS folks in SFO really did a magnificent job.”

TAS Wins Warehousing Contract with NCA at LAX

Los Angeles, California – On Thursday, July 1st, 2010, Total Airport Services (TAS) expanded its cargo warehousing aviation services at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by adding Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) to its list of customers. TAS is now NCA’s sole warehousing service provider in California having also provided service to NCA in in SFO since November 2007.

TAS had a “picture perfect transition” said Tim Harvey, TAS General Manager. “We’ve assembled a highly experienced team,” added Harvey “and NCA has been extremely pleased with the improvements in customer service.”

NCA is one of seven carriers that will be adding the Boeing 747-800 to their fleet of cargo aircraft later this year. The new 747-800 will be the largest and most fuel efficient 747 ever built. “TAS looks forward to the arrival of NCA’s new aircraft and we’ve already begun plans to continue to work with NCA here and other locations,” said Denny Eichenbaum, TAS Senior Vice President of Business Development.

TAS begins operations in its new facility in Newark

April 2nd, 2009 – Today, TAS held its Grand Re-Opening Ceremony at its new facility in Newark, New Jersey. The new facility will house TAS warehousing operations for Lufthansa, Air India, and LOT/Polish Airlines and represents about 60% of TAS existing business in Newark.

Jay Allbright is the new General Manager for TAS in Newark. Allbright has 12 years experience in the aviation business and over 30 years of management experience. He has served as a manager, trainer, and quality assurance controller with Evergreen Aviation. As an aircraft ramp manager he was responsible for handling up to 32 aircraft daily. As a warehouse manager he operated the largest logistics hub supporting the US Postal Service anywhere. Finally, as a former Quality Assurance and Safety Director, he will fit in well with TAS emphasis on quality customer service.

Mr. Denny Eichenbaum, TAS Senior Vice President, said, “The new facility represents a tremendous opportunity for further TAS expansion in Newark and Jay is the perfect individual to make it happen. The facility has additional warehouse space available for new carriers and is seen as a big improvement from the old facility.”

TAS adds Cargolux Airlines to its Chicago lineup

April 1st, 2009 – TAS added its 11th air freight carrier in Chicago today as we began handling Cargolux Airlines at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Cargolux is a Luxembourg based, all cargo carrier currently operating in nine major cities in the continental United States. Chicago is their largest operation.

With the addition of Cargolux, O’Hare International Airport is also TAS busiest ground handling operation. Handling mostly Boeing 747s, TAS may handle as many as 70 aircraft per week and quite routinely has as many as 5 aircraft on the ground at the same time, all representing different air carriers.

Why the dramatic growth in operations in less than two years for TAS in Chicago? “I’d like to think of it as a combination of our impeccable service and a tremendous track record by an outstanding team of individuals at this location”, said Gerald Kolasch, TAS Vice President of Cargo Services. Adding, “the dedication and professional attitude of the staff here is amazing.”

“We have worked hard to become the leading service provider for cargo carriers at O’Hare”, adds Daniel Malinowski, TAS Director of Ground Handling at O’Hare International Airport. To reinforce this point, Malinowski points to the March 2009 issue of Ground Support Worldwide magazine. In that issue, TAS was highlighted for their 99.3% on-time performance in Chicago for its 55-70 aircraft per week schedule including the winter months.

TAS begins handling Cathay Pacific in SFO

San Francisco, March 11th – The first flight of Cathay Pacific’s new 747 cargo aircraft handled by TAS touched down at 04:00 am this morning right on schedule. The folks in San Francisco performed flawlessly and an hour later the aircraft was launching off into the darkness. The ground crew then immediately turned to handle NCA’s 747 that arrived just as Cathay’s flight was departing. That aircraft was also handled without a glitch and departed even before the sun came up.

Ralph Eichenbaum, TAS General Manager, said that the operation’s success belongs to the crews. “Supervisors Gary Lohr and Sylvia Lee have done a fantastic job in preparing the team to be ready for the first flight for Cathay,” said Eichenbaum. “Gary even went to Chicago to train with the Cathay crew in ORD so SFO was ready. And it was an all out effort to make sure things went well with William Burse and Richard Christman also on hand to help out.”

Cathay will have three aircraft per week for now with the possibility of expansion later this year. NCA has as many as six aircraft per week and both carriers flights are able to park right behind the warehouse TAS operates. After unloading the aircraft, it’s a short trip into the facility where the crew then breaks down the freight and gets it on its way.

Congratulations to all of the staff and team in San Francisco for a great start and a successful operation.

TAS Continues to Attract More Carriers at O’Hare IAP

Chicago, Illinois – August 1, 2008. TAS will soon be adding four new carriers to its list of customers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Alitalia, Air New Zealand, British Airways, and China Southern have all selected TAS as the ground handler of choice for their freighters flying in and out of O’Hare IAP.

Service for two of the carriers begins almost immediately while the others transition to TAS by mid-September. With these additional four carriers, TAS will be handling over 60 aircraft per week by the end of September, mostly Boeing 747s. Interestingly enough that is also over 60% of all freighters arriving and departing Chicago.

“The key to our success is our outstanding operation,” said Gerald Kolasch, VP for Chicago. “Last quarter, TAS handled 558 freighters and had a 99.5% on time takeoff rate,” continued Kolasch. That is amazing when you consider that most of these aircraft arrive and depart in the dark of night.

TAS began operations in Chicago on June 17th, 2007 with three carriers; Cathay Pacific, Kalitta, and Korean Airlines. “The first day we handled 5 flights and an additional 13 for the rest of the week,” said Denny Eichenbaum, TAS Senior VP. Adding, “We thought that was great, but this puts the company on a whole new level.”

TAS Expands Its Warehousing Operations with Four New Carriers

Hartford, Connecticut – July 31st, 2008. TAS will more than double the volume of its warehouse operations at Bradley International Airport with four new carriers beginning September 1, 2008. Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways have all selected TAS to handle their cargo in Hartford. “This is a tremendous boost for our operations and the ultimate compliment to our customer service,” said Jay Tweeddale, TAS General Manager.

Bradley IAP was the second TAS operating location to open for business when the company started over 3 ½ years ago. The TAS team there has always received high praise for their outstanding customer service and perfect safety record. TAS already handles such carriers as Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Air Canada, plus numerous shipping and freight forwarding companies.

TAS Wins Ground Handling Contract with NCA in SFO

San Francisco, California – On Wednesday, June 4th, Total Airport Services (TAS) expanded its aviation service offerings at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) by ground handling aircraft for Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA). So now in SFO, besides warehousing, ramp scrubbing, and ramp control tower operations, TAS handles NCA’s Boeing 747 freighters

TAS had been handling all warehousing for NCA and Cathay Pacific in SFO since December 2006. The carriers had been averaging over 2 million kilos per month and were using another ground service provider for ground handling. “This will provide NCA with greater efficiency and control of their freight,” said Ralph Eichenbaum, TAS General Manager, “because NCA will have a single service provider dealing with all aspects of the shipping here at SFO.”

NCA is in the process of acquiring new aircraft and expanding their fleet. The operations on June 4th begin with two freighters per week flying into SFO, but will add an additional four aircraft per week as airframes become available. “It’s great to expand our business lines and continue the great working relationship we have with NCA,” said Jack Evans, TAS CEO. “We value the working relationship we have with NCA,” continued Evans.

TAS Recognized by Korean Air Cargo in Chicago

In March it was announced that TAS had received top honors from Korean Air Cargo for 2007 for TAS Chicago operations. Korean Air Cargo announced that TAS had been selected as the top ground handling company throughout Korean’s entire system for the entire year.

“This is a great tribute to the dedication and team effort TAS has demonstrated in Chicago,” said Denny Eichenbaum, Senior Vice President. Adding “When you consider that we started this operation with less than 30 days notice and still be able to receive this kind of award is amazing! Now, we’re handling over 160 – 747 aircraft per month and still producing this kind of quality through one of the worst winters Chicago has seen in years, it’s even more amazing!”

Congratulations to the entire TAS team in Chicago for making this happen!

TAS Begins Ground Handling at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport (ORD) cargo ramp was a flurry of activity as TAS began ground handling on Sunday, June 17th. While we generally get one new customer at a time, in Chicago TAS began handling Kalitta Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Cathay Pacific all on the same day.

"Everything went off without a hitch," said Denny Eichenbaum, Senior Vice President for TAS and the person responsible for pulling it all together. "By day three, everything was flowing smoothly and you would have thought we had been doing this for years. It's a tribute to the team we've put together and very gratifying to watch," continued Eichenbaum.

The startup wasn't without its nail-biting moments. On Tuesday night, our new General Manager, Antonio Franceschi, and his wife rushed to the hospital so Mrs. Franceschi could have their second child. Fortunately, mom, the new baby boy, and even dad are doing fine.

The three carriers have about 18 - 747 cargo aircraft per week flying into ORD. The first week, we even had a couple of extra flights. The change in service did not go unnoticed by other carriers on the ramp who commented on the professional image displayed by the new TAS team members. "Everyone was in new uniforms and seemed to work together so well, it was obvious that there was a new operation going on," said one customer whose corporate office had gone with a TAS competitor. "We were very jealous," said the Station Manager.

Congratulations to our entire team in ORD and especially Denny for pulling together a very complicated operation on 30 days notice. After the first week, none of the carriers had taken a single delay and all of the carriers had expressed high praise for TAS operations! The entire transition was extremely well done.

TAS Wins Second Contract in One Month!

On March 28th, Total Airport Services, Inc. (TAS) opened its second new operating location for the month in Atlanta, Georgia. TAS won a contract with Cargolux to provide flight and aircraft administration for all of the carrier's flights into and out of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

"We have been working on getting into Atlanta for a long time," said Gerald Kolasch, Vice President of Cargo. "Cargolux is a great carrier and we see this new contract as a great first step toward building our operations there."

Based out of Luxembourg, Cargolux is the eighth leading carrier in the world based on tonnage flown and is the largest all cargo carriers in Europe. Cargolux has been operating for 35 years and has a fleet of 14 B747-400 aircraft.

Jose Aguirre is the new General Manager in Atlanta. Jose was formerly with Omni Air International in Atlanta and is well acquainted with the Atlanta market. He graduated from High School in Chile and attended Northeastern in Boston, Massachusetts before entering the aviation career field. Besides Atlanta, TAS now has operations in Hartford, Connecticut; Newark, New Jersey; Columbus, Ohio; Huntsville, Alabama; San Francisco and Riverside, California; and begins operations at Los Angeles International Airport on June 1 st, 2007.

TAS Wins Contract in Southern California

On Wednesday, February 21, 2007, the Joint Powers Commission for the March Inland Port (MIP) made its selection of Total Airport Services (TAS) as the successful bidder for the Operations & Maintenance of MIP's new fuel farm facility located on the airport. Mr. Gary Gosliga, Airport Director for MIP made the announcement.

MIP is the former U.S. Air Force base located in Riverside, California and is now a joint use field. The Joint Powers Commission has been seeking other business for the airport and successfully attracted DHL cargo operations a couple of years ago. The cargo business is now growing and the airport needed a professionally managed fuel farm in the facility now under construction.

The fuel farm facility has been developed as a three phase project and will greatly expand the airport's fuel handling capability. Phase 1 of the project is the installation of two above-ground storage tanks and is nearly complete. Testing of the new fuel system is set to begin the week of February 26 th. Phase 2 of the project will add two additional above-ground storage tanks and is expected to be completed later this year. Phase 3 plans are still being developed, but will add the required storage capacity as the airport continues to add flights and takes on larger aircraft.

"This is a business that we have a lot of experience performing and that we do really well," said Jack Evans, CEO for TAS. MIP services the Inland Empire of Southern California and is being touted as an airport with tremendous potential to relieve some of the traffic congestion at LAX, particularly cargo traffic. DHL moved their operations to March and has just announced plans to begin flying in there six days a week. On March 26 th, they will expand their operations further with the addition of an international MD-11. "We are very excited about this new opportunity and there appears to be tremendous potential to expand into some of our other business lines as we work with the airport as they continue their efforts to grow," said Evans.

TAS Begins Handling NCA in SFO

"Business sometimes works in mysterious ways!" said Harry Hoge, Regional Vice President for TAS. "Our latest successful bid on the Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) operation in San Francisco is living proof," continued Hoge.

On a trip to San Francisco earlier this year, Hoge had stopped by NCA to make a courtesy visit. Because of that visit and getting the TAS story out, TAS was invited to participate in a Request For Proposal (RFP) for NCA's operation at the Airport.

The RFP was released on October 20 th with a very quick turnaround. So on November 3rd, NCA awarded the contract to TAS with a startup a mere 30 days after that.

"We usually like to have 60 - 90 days for a new start," said Denny Eichenbaum, Senior VP of Business Development. Adding, "We had to pull this together fast and it required a company-wide effort to pull it off."

So on December 6 th, TAS started doing all warehousing for NCA. "It took a small miracle, besides a lot of sleepless nights", said Ralph Eichenbaum, TAS General Manager, "but we made it happen. The NCA operation has been successfully transitioned".