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About Us

Total Airport Services operates at eight airports throughout the United States, providing ramp tower control services, ground handling (above and below the wing), cargo warehousing and mail handling, passenger services and airport support services.

TAS has experienced steady and sustainable growth since it began operations in 2004. The basis for this success has been the high degree of involvement in TAS operations by its senior management team, and its focus on developing long-term relationships with its customer base.

In November 2015 TAS completed the sale of 70 percent of its ownership to an affiliate of CCR S.A., one of the largest infrastructure concession companies in the world. CCR holds interests in a wide array of transportation-related systems, including ownership and management of capital city airports throughout Latin America in Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Curacao. The acquisition marks CCR's expansion into the North American aviation market.

Learn more about CCR Group: http://en.grupoccr.com.br/

Our Mission

We will:

  • Operate the business within the framework of well-established policies, procedures and practices that balance the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Provide a safe and respectful workplace with the resources necessary for our team members to distinguish themselves in the eyes of our customers.
Our Beliefs


  • In a company who values and is committed to its members lives, financial health and sustainable company development.
  • In building mutually beneficial partnerships between all the stakeholders for the development of the airport infrastructure at TAS locations.
  • In the leadership role of people and their creative and transformative capacity.
  • In simplicity as a way to approach the business and do things.
  • In transparency, reliability and integrity in relationships.
  • In the legitimate pursuit of financial results and its fundamental importance to the development of the company and society.
Our Operational Values

To ensure that our beliefs constitute an effective practice we hold to the following Operational Values in our day-to-day operations:

    Ensure the integrity of personnel, property and the environment.
    Think before acting, always putting safety first.
    Consistently delivering results and honoring commitments made.
    Passion about what we do, assertiveness and ownership of the results.
    Accountability, transparency and integrity.
    Initiative, persistence and operational analysis to do the right thing in the right way.
    Open to hearing other people's ideas which may be different than yours.
Our Value Proposition
  • Ability and capacity to successfully take on new business.
  • Technical competence recognized by our customers.
  • Commercially fair, long term partnerships with our customers and service providers.
  • Delivery of consistent and sustainable service.